My paintings  consist of concentric circular lines and colors that mimic pieces of agate, rings inside of trees, mold, other patterns in nature and most importantly microscopic cells.  I once read that when humans are born they have an instinctual attraction to the shape of concentric circles which makes sense since the nipple is their first shape that is needed for survival.  I have always been fascinated with the idea that we have instincts towards shapes.  My paintings are titled the Unknown Species.  With that title I hope to refer to my shapes as being alive and since all of the paintings have multiple shapes varying in sizes I see them as families that have gone through the reproductive system and are related to each other. 
      I see the shapes with their concentric circles as a representative for time itself, displaying their growth like the rings in a tree which come with age. The variations of the size of my circles also emphasizes the growth of these shapes and of all living organisms.
         My digital art, the Bits and Pieces Series, are developed directly from photographic images of my paintings. I became intrigued with the complex patterns that developed by manipulating the image as well as appreciating being able to see how the same image looks in various  color combinations.
 I am always surprised and delighted seeing what one of my paintings looks like completely symmetrical. With digital manipulations the symmetry of nature is now part of my work: flowers, plants, inside of fruit, snowflakes and even the microscopic world is full of symmetry and incredible detailed patterns.
    The cellular shapes in all my paintings, digital art and videos, echoing naturally occurring shapes, provide the rhythms of life and existence. Ultimately I strive for my work to be an expressive representation of nature’s beauty in its primary elements.