My Unknown Species series are oil and alkyd paintings that consist of concentric circular lines, shapes and colors that mimic pieces of agate, rings inside of trees, mold and other patterns found all around us.  They  are also reminiscent of microscopic amoebic shapes that are unseen but  integral to all life.
In nature, fundamental processes produce forms that are similar, but never identical.  Think of the seemingly infinite variety of leaves, for example, or the fact that there are billions of human beings on the earth at this time, no two exactly alike.  My way of applying paint remains constant from painting to painting, and yet, as in nature, great variety is found in my paintings.  This variety can be seen in my choice of colors, the relative density of my signature circular shapes in different areas of the compositions, and the overall flow of imagery; some paintigs tranquil, others highly energized; some are centered, others a field of imagery edge to edge.
I  see my concentric circles as a representative for time itself, displaying their growth like the rings in a tree, which comes with age, and when they overlap each other, displaying the passage of time in layers.  The repetative cellular shapes in all my paintings, echoing naturally occuring shapes, provide the rhythms of life and existance.
Ultimately, I strive for my work to be a highly expressive representation of nature’s beauty in its primary elements.
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