Endlessly inspired by nature my work often contains painted elements that are reminiscent of life on a molecular level.  My biomorphic  forms recall living organisms which seem to frenetically multiply across the canvas in layered arrays.  The fluid and organic patterns I create are achieved by the unpredictable  reactions of oil paint, resin and glazes that I steadily combine over time.  In this way my work is as much about the concept of chance as it is about exploring nature reduced to its most microscopic, primary forms which I have titled the “Unknown Species”.
      Photographs of my paintings provide me with a way to connect to the symmetry found in the mathematical patterns of  snowflakes, flowers and plants as well as the detailed patterns found in the microscopic world.   When I work on the photographs changing the composition of my paintings to be  symmetrical I am always surprised with the patterned outcome.  The element of chance continues with the creation of the mixed media digital compositions which I have titled Bits and Pieces.  I print them on canvas as well as animate them for video and music.
          I was born into a family of artists and have always been working in one medium or another. My love for the materials of art has led me to explore a range of techniques while attending Philadelphia College of Art, School of Visual Arts, and Parsons School of Design.  I received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and a MA from Parsons and Bank Street College of Education.  I have  studied color theory, painting, printmaking, art history, art education and animation.
      I have been inspired by the natural beauty and artist communities around me.  In the past twenty years, my work has flourished and I have had opportunities to exhibit throughout New England, the Hudson Valley New York, New York City, and California.  My work has been recognized on the worldwide  stages of the 55th Venice Biennale, Procidamerica (Italy), Art Southampton, The LA Art Fair, Miami Context and the 59th Venice Biennale, where my animation videos were shown at the Palazzo Bembo, European Cultural Center.  I am pleased to now include Art Taipei, Taiwan, 2023.
         I value the importance of living a creative life.  We possess an inherent affinity with the forms that are part of the natural world, and I believe that connections to the beginning of our existence pull us towards the shapes of eggs and cellular life that exist within and around us, all part of our existence and deep rooted memories.  I try to surround myself with ovals and circles.  I choose life as my guide and praise form for contradicting the horrors of this historic time of climate change, pandemic, and the rise of hate and extremism in the world.