My Bits and Pieces series developed directly from photographic images of my Unknown Species series, paintings executed in oil, alkyd, acrylic and ink.  At first I was just playing with various photo apps on my IPAD.  I became intrigued with the patterns that developed by stretching the image and then making it symmetrical.  Repeating that process created complex patterns.  I was also pleased to be able to see the same image in many different color combinations.  As a painter I am always deciding on what colors should be next to each other. The digital process allows me to quickly see and have every possibility.  Once my composition is complete I am happy to create the same image in various colors. I also find it engaging to use sections of a paintings and then combine them with details from a different painting.  Usually there are four or five fragments from various paintings used in one of my Bits and Pieces works on paper.
I sometimes create limited edition prints and I also use the digital print  as a first layer for my paintings covering them with transparent glazes so parts of them show and parts get covered with opaque paint.  I have also used colored pencils, gouache, various inks, metallic paints, glitter and rhinestones on top of them, leaving some of the matte surface of the original print showing. This digital work is now part of the mixed media I have combined them with and each one is one of a kind.
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